Animal cruelty sparks mass protest in Brazil and USA


RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL (BDCi) — With the rallying cry ‘Animals Don’t Vote – People Do,’ thousands of Animal Rights activists will protest internationally, demanding stronger laws against animal cruelty in Brazil.

The marches are an orchestrated effort raising awareness and seeking universal participation in the protection of the animal population in Brazil.

About 167 cities will host simultaneous gatherings throughout Brazil. In addition to that, United States animal rights activists will join the Brazilian protest marches, in solidarity, in the cities of San Diego, California; Miami, Florida and New York City.

Unfortunately, the famous land for Carnaval and some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife, has also become famous for its unchecked cruelty to animals. The demonstrators are seeking to strengthen Brazilian laws covering animal cruelty and also want all existing laws strictly enforced, to the fullest extent and with consistency.

They are calling for active prosecutions of any so-called humans who take part in the torture or harming of animals.

Citing overwhelming documented evidence, organizers say they expect lawmakers to fix Brazil’s broken system that allows such devastating cruelty to innocent, often helpless animals.

The demonstrations are scheduled for Sunday, January 22, 2012 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

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By Cibele Clark
Edited by Janete Weinstein
Source: Paradoxo Films
Foto: Crueldade nunca mais
19 January 2012
5:36 a.m. GST


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