Are you in L.A. for the weekend? Check out his place

what do to in Los angeles
There a lot of cool spots to hit for free in Los Angeles. The is  list is quite long!  We will start with one new location every week. If your time in town is limited, you could spend days in the museums alone, and never make your way to Hollywood. Hit up Venice beach, but don’t miss out on a hip eastside ‘hood.

Venice Beach

Get active on Venice Beach

Venice Beach has long been known as the kooky Mecca of California, and while it’s been getting more than a fair share of mainstream tourists, the area nurtures its eccentric spirit.

Skateboarders, radical pamphleteers and body builders: the visibility is great if you enjoy people-watching.

Go for lunch at the local Figtree’s Café before scanning the shelves at Small World Books. The bohemian district is welcoming to the gay community.


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