Brazil and Argentina discuss domestic issues


BUENOS AIRES—President Dilma Rousseff stated that she was sure that the Vale Mining Company “would find a way to reach an agreement with the Argentine authorities” during a joint conference with Argentinian president Cristina Fernandez.

The Brazilian president seemed to support finding an agreement that doesn’t affect Argentina, as the company had announced it’s decision to stop investing in Mendoza.

Fernandez stated that both presidents were “very happy” with the meeting, and announced that they would be meeting in Brazil once more after three months had passed.

 The meeting in Argentina revolved around a broad agenda of topics, focusing mainly on trade, integration, and investments.

“Our reply to the world crisis has been and will be more and more efforts in social inclusion” the Brazilian president stated, enforcing the importance of communication between the neighboring countries.

“It is the best road for the Brazilian corporation Vale so it can sit and negotiate with Argentine authorities.”

Vale is one of Brazil’s main corporations and has an international standing in minerals trade. It stated that it would be leaving a potassium development investment in Argentina based on cost and inflation. It was to be one of the largest investments in Argentina, and would have given Mendoza a huge boost.


By: Julia Roake

Source: MercoPress

Image: MercoPress

26 April 2013

07:45am PDT


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