Brazil police chief arrested for Judge Acioli murder


RIO DE JANEIRO (BDCI) – A police commander and seven officers are under arrest in connection with the murder the Brazilian judge Judge Patricia Acioli.

Acioli was known for being tough on rogue police officers who turn to vigilantism and extort money from the population. She was shot 21 times in front of her house in the city of Niteroi in August.

Lt. Col. Luiz de Oliveira is being held under suspicion of having ordered the judge’s murder.

According to BBC, Oliveria was detained in Rio and that there are at least six other arrest orders for Rio policemen.

Prosecutors are saying Oliveira ordered the murder because he wanted to cover up another killing his officers had been accused of committing. Acioli had issued arrest warrants for a group of officers just hours before her death. They were under Oliveira’s command and connected to the death of an 18 year-old, Diego Beliene who died in a clash with police in São Gonçalo.

While the prosecutors argue that Oliveira wanting to stop Acioli’s investigation, they do not think he knew about the issued arrest warrants.

By: Diego Díaz
Edit by: Janete Weinstein
Source: BBC & AP
29 September 2011
11:04 a.m. P.D.T.


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