Brazilian football star accused of murder


BRASILIA, BRAZIL-Brazilian football star Bruno Fernandes has been given a 22 year prison sentence for ordering the murder of an old girlfriend.

Additional to this crime, Fernandes has been found guilty of hiding Eliza Samudio’s body and kidnapping their baby son in 2010. The ex-Flamengo goalkeeper admitted that he knewSamudio had been strangled and that her body had been fed to the dogs, although she denies that he ordered the killing.

 He said two others in the case carried out the murder.

Brazil compares this case to the OJ Simpson murder in the USA. Fernandes had been thought to play in the Fifa 2014 World Cup finals.

One of Fernandes’ friends, Luiz Henrique Ferreira Romao, and a former policeman, Marcos Aparecido dos Santos, were also charged with the murder of Samuido. She was killed shortly after demanding that Fernandes pay child care.

According to police reports, Samudo was then strangled, her body cut up and fed to the dogs. It has yet to be recovered.

Romao was jailed for fifteen years after admitting his involvement in the crime, but maintained that Fernandes had ordered the execution.

Mr. Santos is accused of the torture and dismembering of Samuido. He is yet to be sentenced.


By: Julia Roake

Source: BBC

Image: BBC

12 March 2013

09:15 am PDT


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