Brazilian nanny causing trouble in L.A.


Brazilian nanny causing trouble in L.A.
LOS ANGELES, CALIF (BDCi) — A Los Angeles judge suggested Wednesday that she plans to throw out key portions of a lawsuit by a Brazilian nanny who claims she was fired by Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon and his wife because she became pregnant.
The plaintiff, Claudia Leite, claims the Simons fired her in February 2010 when they found out she was pregnant, and they failed to pay wages that were due to her.
Some friends of Leite, who requested anonymity, told BDCi that Leite was well known in her circle of friends as a violent and disturbed person.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Amy Hogue, who is presiding over the case, was astonished at the weakness of Leite’s claims. “I can’t remember a case with so much impeaching testimony and things that didn’t make sense,” Hogue told Leite’s attorney, Joseph Davis. “It’s astounding.”
In one of the hearings’ testimonies, Leite claims that the Simons knew of her tumultuous life, numerous court judgments against her and a brief stint in jail but nevertheless decided to keep her on their staff.
The Simons said they fired Leite because she was in conflict with another member of the household staff and caused dissension in the home, according to their attorney. They claimed that they never knew about her history of violent episodes until she sued them.
Leite’s ex-husband, John O’Connell, testified for the defense that during their brief marriage Ms. Leite threatened his life and those of his four cats, and he was forced to flee with the animals in fear. He said Leite told him that she once punched a co-worker in the face and that she wanted to kill someone who owed her $5. He said he obtained a restraining order, which she violated, and at one point, police were called during a fight.
The lawsuit also involves a former chauffeur’s claims against the Simons, but his portion of the case will not be heard until after a jury is chosen, according to lawyers.

By Janete Weinstein
Source: Associate Press & CNBC
August 29, 2011
11:11 p.m. PDT


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