Brazilian nanny Claudia Leite’s lawsuit thrown out


Brazilian nanny Claudia Leite’s lawsuit thrown out
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (BDCi) – A lawsuit by a Brazilian nanny and a chauffeur against Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon and his wife has ended with a judge’s written ruling that the employees failed to prove their claims of mistreatment.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Amy Hogue had nothing but praise for Simon’s former beauty queen wife, Bui, and said the couple were extremely generous and kind to their employees.

The nanny, Claudia Leite, claimed she was fired because she became pregnant. The chauffeur said he was not paid for overtime and denied rest breaks.

The judge said she didn’t believe the testimony of either one.

She noted that Bui Simon, a former Miss Universe from Thailand, loves children and has no anti-pregnancy feelings. The judge said chauffeur Robert Young filed no claim for overtime until the lawsuit was filed.

“Leite’s efforts to paint Mrs. Simon as a Jekyll and Hyde personality contradicts the extensive evidence of Mrs. Simon’s calm demeanor and her patience, loyalty and generosity over her long relationship with Leite,” the judge wrote.

The decision was tentative, allowing the Brazilian nanny’s lawyers to file objections within 30 days.

By Natania Levine
Photo: BDCi
15 September 2011
1:55 p.m P.D.T


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