Brazilian priest accused of sexual abuse


NITEROI, BRAZIL-A Roman Catholic priest has been charged with allegations of sexual abuse in southeastern Brazil. Police state that Father Emilson Soares Correa is currently under investigation for the sexual abuse of three young girls in the city of Niteroi.

 The Archdiocese of Niteroi stated that they were also conducting an investigation, and that Correa would be temporarily suspended from all of his duties until they came to a verdict.

One of the girls—a nineteen-year-old woman—claims that the abuse started when she was thirteen, and that the priest would give her expensive gifts and pay for repairs that had to be done within the home. She also claims that he was found sexually fondling her now ten-year-old sister. The girl, along with a fifteen-year-old friend, videotaped the man they claimed to be the priest having sexual intercourse with them to act as evidence.

Correa’s attorney, Roberto Vitagliano, told news sources that the girl’s father tried to use the video to “blackmail Correa but when he refused to pay money he took it to the police.” The father is currently being investigated for extortion.

When questioned, Correa admitted to sexual tensions with both the nineteen-year-old and the fifteen-year-old, but he denies any abuse to the ten-year-old sister.


By: Julia Roake

Source: Yahoo

09:30am PDT


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