Brazilian senator Torres expelled for illegalities


Brazilian senator Torres expelled for illegalities
BRASILIA, BRAZIL — The Brazilian Senate has voted to expel one of its members, who faces allegations of money laundering and involvement with an illegal gambling ring.

Wednesday’s decision also strips Demostenes Torres of the right to run for office until 2027. Torres is only the second member removed in the Senate’s 188 years.

Suspicions about Torres arose in February when the Brazilian press released portions of tapped phone calls connecting the senator to the illegal betting ring led by Carlos Augusto Ramos. A police investigation indicated Ramos used his political connections to obtain favors for companies in which he had a stake.

The phone conversations suggested the senator had received large pay-offs from Ramos.
Torres denies wrongdoing.

Source: Miami Herald
Image: Leal Junior
12 July 2012
12:24a.m. P.D.T.


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