Brazilian singer put a benefit concert for rescue dogs


Brazilian singer put a benefit concert for rescue dogs

San Francisco, CA (BDCi) – More than just a regular concert, a concert for dogs! The singer Joseh Garcia and his band brought some Brazilian music to warm up the night at the Wag Hotels in San Francisco this past Saturday.

Our correspondent Marley Martin spoke with the singe, which was really excited about the event and curious to find out the dogs reaction to his music, since it was his first time performing in front of a furry crowd.

Why a concert for dogs?

According to Garcia, after participating in a benefit concert in Canada for a HIV cause, he wanted to get involved in another cause and his love for animals was how he got inspired and motivated to make this fundraising happen.

A nice group of people with dogs and some without them showed up to support the fundraising. The crowed was a mix of children, youngsters and elders. Tatiana Salvator, a Brazilian spectator shared with us how proud she was of the event and of Joseh for putting it all together.

Rani Naik, a psychic animal communicator said that the event was a great idea and happy to be part of it.

At the location people were able to find food for people and dogs, even a special drink they called “dog wine” was available for tasting.

The founder of A Leg Up Rescue, Jennifer Bird, was really happy to be able to spread the message to other people besides Bay Area residents about the importance to adopt and to become foster parents to a four leg friend.

“We were thrilled to be part of Joseh’s event” said Bird.  She also asked the community to get involved with their local shelter and help some animals in need.

The dogs were really enjoying the show; most of them were just sitting and listening, while others were exploring the new environment.

For more information on Joseh Garcia, visit  and if you want to find out more about the A Leg Up Rescue, please visit their site

By Janete Weinstein & Marley Martin
19 February 2012
6:46 p.m. PST


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