Brazilian’s Fashion brand debuts in Hollywood


Brazilian’s Fashion brand debuts in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, (BDCi) — One of Brazil’s most popular fashion brands will establish its new U.S. flagship when high-end retailer Carmen Steffens makes its grand opening in Hollywood this week.

The sexy, sophisticated brand, poised to import the best of Brazilian chic to Southern California, has offered creatively designed, meticulously handcrafted shoes, bags and other accessories to consumers for nearly two decades.

“Our new flagship location in Hollywood is a perfect addition to our stores in the world’s most influential fashion-forward cities which include Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Madrid,” says Mario Spaniol, founder and president of Carmen Steffens.

With all products handcrafted in Brazil, Carmen Steffens’ fine shoes and handbags are distinguished by unique and high-quality leathers, which are all produced in the company’s own leather tannery, bright beautiful colors, limited production quantities and imaginative designs which have endeared the brand to consumers in Brazil and worldwide.  Carmen Steffens stores are where fashion savvy consumers can buy exquisite, one-of-a kind accessories while immersed in a sophisticated, authentic Brazilian vibe.

“Consumer demand has always determined the location of our new stores, and with the high U.S. demand for Carmen Steffens products, this new store will provide the perfect base for our continued U.S. expansion.”

Launched in 1993 by Brazilian entrepreneur Mario Spaniol, Carmen Steffens has earned a growing and loyal international following including a myriad of celebrity fans, from Eva Longoria to Mariah Carey. In 1995 Monalisa Spaniol joined the brand’s style department as the lead designer, where today she continues to define the detailed look of the company’s wide range of accessories.

Headquartered in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Carmen Steffens currently has over 200 stores across 16 countries worldwide.  The brand also has a store located in Danbury, Connecticut and plans to expand into New York, Florida and other U.S. markets.

The new store is located at the Hollywood & Highland Center,  at the entrance to the Awards Walk on Hollywood Boulevard.


By Janete Weinstein

Source PR Newswire

2 August 2012 12:03 p.m.


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