Brazil’s rape ruling criticized


SAO PAULO (BDCi) – The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights criticized the top appeals court in Brazil for ruling that sex with a 12-year-old is not necessarily statutory rape.

The court has ruled that a man accused of having sexual relations with three 12-year-olds could not be convicted of rape due to extenuating circumstances, like the fact that all three girls had worked as prostitutes before.

The regional representative of the high commissioner’s office in South America said governments should protect minors from any form of violence, especially sexual abuse.

Last week, Amnesty International referred to the decision as “outrageous” and an insult to the most basic of human rights.

The appeals court could not be reached for comment.

By: Diego Díaz
Source: AP
Photo: Google
5 April 2012
10:05 p.m. P.D.T.


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