Drug dealers attack ‘uncontacted’ Brazilian tribe


RIO BRANCO, BRAZIL (BDCi) –The Xinane, an uncontacted Amazon tribe that made headlines earlier this year after being filmed from the air was attacked by drug dealers from Peru.

Guards in the Brazilian jungle protecting the tribe of Indians who have had no contact with the outside world say their guard post has been attacked by armed men. Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department (FUNAI) said a guard post in Acre state had been surrounded by suspected drug dealers.

Soon after the attack, FUNAI announced the invasion to the Ministry of Justice, which mobilized the Federal Police. With logistical support from the state of Acre, the army, and with the help of foresters, the team managed to track the Portuguese drug lord Joaquin Antonio Custodio Fadista leading the Federal Police to his arrest. He had been arrested and extradited to Peru, but returned to the region, supposedly to pick up a bag with drugs.

According to officials, an employee and two woodsmen found evidence that traffickers are still in the region. An arrow was found belonging to the isolated indigenous community, in a bag left at the camp by the traffickers.

The team base is still scouring the area and found recent tracks, which should have been made by the traffickers.

By Janete Weinstein
Source BBC & Portal Amazonia
August 9, 2011
11:11 a.m. PDT


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