Fashion highlights of Miss Brazil USA pageant 2012


Fashion highlights of Miss Brazil USA pageant 2012

Fashion highlights of Miss Brazil USA pageant 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) — This past weekend was a very special one for me. It was one of the most important nights of the year in my work schedule. I hosted the Miss Brazil-USA Los Angeles Pageant 2012 at the Colony club in Hollywood.  In addition to hosting the event, I was also responsible to coach the beautiful contestants.

For those who don’t know much about a beauty pageant, as I have been working in this field for the past six years, I can say that fashion is the main part of a pageant, meaning, the outfits that the girls usually wear have to be absolutely right in order to please the judges, that are looking for a combination of pretty, sexy, sweet, and

Therefore, clothing that accentuates the curves and the strongest part of each contestant’s body is essential.

The judges are also looking for candidates with a great personality, in addition to their looks.

All the 13 girls were assigned to pick 3 outfits for the pageant. One of my jobs was to coach them to make the right clothing choices according to their body and personality.

Here is some information you must know about a pageant when it comes to fashion!

Pageant Fashion Insights

Red carpet outfit: Cocktail attire – When walking the red carpet, the candidates were asked to wear something sparkly and sexy to cause a big impact on the media, press and judges.

First outfit: Casual wear – They made their way on the cat walk by wearing a sexy black pants, along with a Brazilian themed t-shirt.

Second outfit: Swimsuit – The girls were given 2-pieces bathing suits by Dolce Vitta Swimwear Company. They had three amazing kinds of prints to choose from.

Third outfit: Evening gown – This one is probably one of the most important outfits of the competition. Why? Because it’s absolutely glamorous, it’s classy and it’s their last chance to impress the judges before the final results.  During this last entrance, the judges are making their decisions about the finalist.

Since, I gave you a little intro on how a beauty pageant works, I tell you about the best dressed candidate of each category in my opinion.

Cocktail Dress: Ana Dornelles  – She was wearing an amazing black and white dress. Super cute! The dress made her look chic and sophisticated. Perfect for the occasion!

Casual Attire:  Ana Dornelles – She was very creative by tying the shirt over the waist. She mixed colors that went really well together, making her stand out from the other contestants. We could really see her curves with her choice for casual attire. Great choice!

Swimwear: Bruna Andrade – This look is all about the body. Who looked better in bikini? To be honest, all the contestant looked REALLY GOOD in their bathing suits, but I picked Bruna because of her bikini choice, which matched really well with her skin color and her body type. Very good choice!

Evening Wear: That’s a tie! Alana Campos and Ana Flavia Gavlak ‘s dresses were amazing. Alana wore a stunning white gown that grabbed everybody’s attention on stage. Gorgeous flowy High-Low style that really made her body look even sexier. Ana Gavlak also wore an amazing royal blue gown. The dress draped really well in her body and she sure looked amazing!

I can’t forget to mention about the two dresses I wore during the red carpet and pageant. They were designed by Nathanaelle Couture.


The dresses were a gift from God. She absolutely understands a woman’s body. I couldn’t be happier with my choices!


Also, a big shout out to the formers misses: Elizandra Dutra – Miss Brazil LA 2009, Carol Baumgartner – Miss Brazil USA 2010 , and Fernanda Samaia Miss Brazil LA & USA 2011, which by the way just passed the crown to the new winner Ana Dornelles. Their dresses looked absolutely stunning.


Well, I hope you had fun getting a little more understanding about a pageant’s fashion.

See you guys next week with more FASHION TIPS!

By Giselle Claudino
Edited by Janete Weinstein
Photos: Livia Wippich & BDCi TV
November 13, 2012


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