Formula 1 ends season in Brazil


(BDCi) – Formula 1 racing will head to Brazil for the nineteenth and final race of the 2011 season.

Last season, Sebastian Vettel beat surprise pole-sitter Nico Hulkenberg into the first corner of the Brazilian Grand Prix en route to victory.

Security will be tighter at this event in hopes of avoiding what happened last year to British driver Jenson Button. Button escaped unhurt from an attempted robbery on a busy road past a shanty town as he was being driven away from the track after qualifying. The Briton was sped away from danger from an armed policeman who was at the wheel of the bullet-proof Mercedes.

Despite what happened last year, Button loves to race in Brazil.

“It’s such a good grand prix. I love racing at Sao Paulo,” said Button who can finish second overall in a championship already won by Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel.

“I still love it there because they are so passionate, and there is so much history at that circuit. It’s a pity that things do happen there when we leave the circuit, but I think that just shows the divide in Brazil,” Button added.

Jenson expects Vettel to come back strong after suffering his first retirement of the year in Abu Dhabi while Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, who won both his titles in Brazil, could never be counted out. Felipe Massa will be on home soil in his 100th race for Ferrari while Red Bull’s Australian Mark Webber has one last chance to take a victory this year at the circuit where he won in 2009.

“There will be six of us really fighting it out,” said Button. I’m excited about the challenge.”

By: Natania Levine
22 November 2011
10:46 a.m P.S.T


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