High cost of security for Brazil


RIO DE JANEIRO (BDCi) – Despite on-going protests and strikes against the World Cup, the Brazilian government has broken records by spending approximately $850 million on security for the mega soccer tournament.

The cost of security at the 2010 South Africa World Cup was only a quarter of what has been spent by Brazil.

Security is made up of 170,000 personnel, including state and federal police as well as armed forces.

In addition, civil and military police (including the Air Force and Navy) will collaborate during the event to patrol the streets and contain protests.

Some cities believe too much money has been spent on weapons for the security forces and that more should have gone towards helping intelligence efforts and investigation processes.

21,000 armed forces members are on standby in case there are more personnel strikes.

There are also 13,000 military officers on call for bomb disposal, biological threats and air defense should Brazil become a terrorist target during the World Cup.


By: Diego Díaz
Source: Rio Times
Photo: Huffington Post
11 June 2014
10:15 a.m. P.D.T.