High school athletes do not report concussions


WASHINGTON DC—Despite the known risks of concussion, many high school players stated that they would not report symptoms to a coach and would continue to play, even if a headache occurred from an on-field injury.

 In a survey of 120 football players done by Medical Xpress, it was reported that 30 stated having a concussion, and 90% recognized the risk of serious injury if they returned to play after a head injury.

The majority of students recognized that headaches, dizziness, memory difficulty, and concentration issues were all symptoms of a concussion. Despite this, 53% of the students stated that they would “always or sometimes continue to play with a headache sustained from an injury,” and 54% stated that they would “always or sometimes report symptoms of a concussion to a coach.”

The researchers from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital which conducted the interview, said that this is worrisome. “We aren’t yet at the point where we can make specific policy recommendations for sports teams, but this study raises concerns.” Dr Brit Anderson, the study’s lead author, stated.

Anderson noted that more research needed to be done to find ways to effectively educate these athletes, as well as the ability to spot concussions in high school players.


By: Julia Roake

Source: Fox

Image: Fox

6 May 2013

08:30am PDT


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