L.A. votes on pet sale ban


L.A. votes on pet sale ban
LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) – The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday (24) to pass a controversial law that will ban the retail sale of any dog, cat or rabbit unless the sale is through an approved source.

According to the law, people can still buy from breeders but pet stores will only be permitted to sell animals from shelters, humane societies and registered rescue groups.

The hope is that animals will stop being bred and left in unsafe conditions at “puppy mills” until they are sold.

Supporters say the new law also helps fight against pet overpopulation in L.A as well as decrease the number of animals put down annually, which, as per the humane society, is four million cats and dogs.

Over 20 pet shops are expected to be affected by the legislation.

Misdemeanor charges and a first-time penalty of $250 will be the price to pay for any store found selling animals from prohibited sellers.

Because the vote was a non-unanimous 12-2, it must be voted on again next week.

By: Diego Díaz
Source: KTLA
Photo: LA Times
25 October 2012
9:50 a.m. P.D.T.


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