Occupation near World Cup stadium


SÃO PAULO (BDCi) – According to Brazilian police, some 1,000 people have begun building shacks on land they have been occupying.

The land just happens to be less than 2 miles away from Itaquerão Stadium, set to host the opening match for the 2014 World Cup on June 12.

The occupation began on Saturday (3) and was peaceful, as per police sources.

The Homeless Workers Movement, responsible for the copulation, actually claims to be made up of about 1,000 families, not 1,000 people.

The group’s website states that while over $500 million were spent to construct the stadium, people in the same city have no money for rent and no place to live.

No evictions are planned as of yet.

By: Diego Díaz
Source: AP
Photo: clarin.com
5 May 2014
9:15 a.m. P.D.T.