PARÁ – Masterpiece of the Brazilian Amazon


PARÁ, BRAZIL (BDCi) — Pará is one of the northern states of Brazil. It is in their territory that the Amazon River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The most popular regions are Belem, Ilha de Marajó, Tapajós, Santarem and Xingu.
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The rich Amazonian nature endowed the Pará to ocean beaches and fre sh water areas of virgin forest, mountains, lakes and most of the Amazonian rivers.

Its capital, Belém, is one of the five largest metropolitan regions of Brazil and has complete urban infrastructure. It houses one of the largest universities in Brazil, and has a vast array of museums, cultural venues classical and popular, widely used by its residents, nearly two million inhabitants.

[image boder=yes” src=”” alt=”” align=”left” height=”112″ width=”200″]With a strong culture of Indian heritage, mixed by waves of European immigrants, Africans and Asians, Pará has its own rhythms and flavors: Amazon’s generous nature provides the raw material for a cuisine of exotic touches, already present in international restaurants, for musical instruments, decorative items, and unique folklore.

The natural attractions are found in all areas in the capital Belém, there are cultural and entertainment tours, with an emphasis on the local heritage. Belem is also the gateway to business tourism. Several festivals attract visitors throughout the year, most start in June.

The meeting of the waters of the greenish Tapajós and the muddy Amazon rivers, in the west of the state, is another attraction to be seen.

A spectacle formed by rivers that flow together [image boder=yes” src=”” alt=”” align=”right” height=”200″ width=”200″]for miles without mixing. The most famous beach is Alter do Chao, known as “Caribbean Amazon” due to its exotic river beaches formation is another highlight of this destination.

For those looking for eco-tourism, the course is the Marajó. Sea-largest Island in the world, located at the mouth of the Amazon, has many attractions. The culinary scenery with a wealth of wetland flora and fauna, the Marajó place is a reminder that nature is the mother of all beauty. And that life is worth moments of silence and contemplation.

In addition to crafts and jewelry, the state is the stage of lightness and sensuality of dances such as carmine and lundu. Steps marked by songs where speaking Para sets the tone and record the identity of the people.

[image boder=yes” src=”” alt=”” align=”left”]The cultural kaleidoscope is completed by the immortalization of the legends of characters such as Amazon and Dolphin Uirapuru through cultural presentations that replicate in various corners of the state.

Come to learn the entire cultural diversity of Pará.

The Amazon forest – a source of inspiration for Indians in various industries – also led to one of the most striking and typical cuisines of Brazil. Nature rich in herbs, fruits, flavors and smells Pará cuisine was born. It is considered the most authentic and exotic in the country and responsible for putting the state on the spotlight of national and international gastronomy route.

The regional fruits complement the menu. They are used in ice cream and [image boder=yes” src=”” alt=”” align=”right” height=”113″ width=”150″]wonderful desserts. A diversity of those exotic fruits can be found at the grocery Ver-o-Peso and also in the streets of the capital Belem. Açaí is the most popular and appreciated by those visiting the region.

On the second Sunday of October, people from all parts of the state join together to start celebrating their faith and devotion to the Virgin of Nazareth with several demonstrations of the rich popular culture and the mix of religious and profane. The celebrations are held in various corners of the 143 municipalities of Pará. In Alter do Chao (in the west side) the traditional festival indigenous of Cairo is one of the largest Amazonian folklore expression.

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For the Candle of Our Lady of Nazareth in Belem, nearly two million people, including attendants and spectators, cover 4.5 km to the Sanctuary Square, in front of the basilica.

Devotion to Our Lady of Nazareth began in 1700. Today, image translation, candles, pilgrimages by land and river and the farewell are events of heartfelt emotions for the followers.

This event is known to be the Christmas of the region and its rich cuisine may be better appreciated during this time. Dishes such as duck in tucupi (made of Cassava root), manicoba, Tacaca, exotic fresh water fish and seafood dishes, games, buffalo steaks  can also be enjoyed. In addition, fresh fruit juices are always a great way to stay refreshed around the Holiday season.
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Pará has a rich fauna and flora diversified as a result of consta nt temperatures and heavy rains that mark the landscape of the Amazon basin itself, where the state is located. There are over 2000 species of fish, about 950 types of birds and 300 types of mammals that inhabit the region.

A visit to Pará is an opportunity to enjoy close contact with the biodiversity of Brazil and the varied ecosystems that make up this rich scenario of the Amazon.

Gustavo Pedrosa
Travel Tech Vacations
1 January 2012
10:30 a.m. PST

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