Piranhas attack tourists in western Brazil


CACERES, BRAZIL (BDCi) – A popular river beach in Mato Grosso city of Caceres has become infested with thousands of flesh-eating piranhas, with 15 reported incidents of swimmers being bitten.

Officials say the fish began schooling at the Daveron beach on the Paraguay river about two weeks ago, according to AP.

Caceres hosts “Brazil’s biggest fishing festival” every September, drawing 200,000 people for a weeklong event of fishing tournaments and concerts. Since the event is months away, the city does not believe the piranha attacks will hurt attendance.

A spokesman for the city government, Gonzaga Junior, said everyone knows about the piranhas in the region and have always been cautious in the water but the difference now is that the piranhas have “appeared where they never appeared before.”

Large signs in blood red letters have been put up by officials; “Attention swimmers. Area at risk of piranha attacks. Danger!”

Far fewer people have been using the beach and it was even deserted on Tuesday despite a national holiday in Brazil.

By: Diego Díaz
Source: AP
Photo: Google
17 November 2011
9:58 a.m. P.D.T.


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