Presidential race in Brazil drawing closer


BRASÍLIA (BDCi) – With the election for president just a few months away, a recent poll among Brazilians shows a high level of disapproval for current President Dilma Rousseff and the country’s sluggish economy.

Since Rousseff took office in 2011, Brazil’s economy has averaged only 2 percent growth.

According to the survey by the Sensus polling firm, Rousseff received just 35 percent of votes while Senator Aecio Neves received 24 percent,  an increase from an earlier poll that showed a 15-point lead between Rousseff and Neves.

Former governor Eduardo Campos received 11 percent of the vote and undecided voters accounted for the rest.

49 percent of those polled expressed dissatisfaction with the president’s performance, compared to the 40 percent who approved of her actions.

In anticipation of the poll’s results, the stock market in Brazil advanced 2.6 percent this past Friday (2).

Rousseff is still expected to win the race on October 5, with strong support from the poor who continue to benefit from her social welfare programs.

By: Diego Díaz
Source: Reuters
Photo: AFP
5 May 2014
8:45 a.m. P.D.T.