São Paulo could run out of water in November


SÃO PAULO (BDCi) – As Brazil faces a historic drought, the largest city in South America may run out of water by the end of November.

The Cantareira System (pictured above), São Paulo’s main reservoir, has less than five percent of its capacity remaining.

The city’s 8.8 million inhabitants have felt the effects of the water shortage, though no official rationing program has been announced.

Residents from different parts of the city have reported water shutoffs at night.

In São Paulo state overall, 13.7 million people are facing shortages in 68 municipalities, 38 of which have decided to adopt rationing programs.

The possibility of an increase in the bonus for consumers who reduce their water usage was announced last week by Governor Alckmin. A 30-percent bonus was announced in February for those who decreased their water consumption by 20 percent.