Security up in Rio favela district


COMPLEXO DO ALEMÃO (BDCi) – After four years of being officially pacified, security needed to be strengthened in a cluster of Rio de Janeiro favelas.

The favelas or shantytowns of Complexo do Alemão had been filled with drug traffickers for decades before a Police Pacification Unit was installed there.

The increased police presence comes after one officer was wounded and another attacked, and two cars were burned, all in an apparent retaliation for the death of a young man and the jailing of another.

Though the heightened security was deployed on Monday (21), a new clash between suspected drug traffickers and police took place Tuesday (22) morning and two teens were arrested.

As crime rates fall significantly in the favelas with police units, the police stations themselves have now become the target for attacks.


By: Diego Díaz
Source: Fox News Latino
Photo: Wikimedia
22 July 2014
09:45 a.m. P.D.T