Six missing after Brazil accident


AMAPA, BRAZIL—A Brazilian mining company says that an inquiry as been made due to a collapse and sinking of a floating port on the Amazon river. Rescue operations are currently under way to find six workers who went missing.

 An official blames a large wave that had crashed into the Amazonian banks, taking with it cranes, lorries, and people.

Witnesses, on the other hand, state that the surge of water was collapsed by the floating quay, not the other way around. Authorities are currently investigating the accident in the port town of Santana.

“There was a wave that washed over the banks of Santana,” Paulo Oliveira, a spokesperson of Anglo Ferrous told the local channel, “even reaching the island of Santana. The wave also hit the company’s port.

Witnesses, however, tend to disagree with this story. The causes of the collapse are currently being investigated. Authorities are currently avoiding placing the blame until experts complete their reports.

“Right now, it would be inappropriate to try and find a culprit, but after a detailed survey, we will try to understand the causes and be able to attribute responsibilities,” the state governor of Amapa stated.

Divers and rescue workers have earlier searched the Amazon river for survivors.


By: Julia Roake

Source: BBC

Image: BBC

01 April 2013



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