Spearfisher nibbled by a shark off La Jolla


Spearfisher nibbled by a shark off La Jolla
La Jolla, California (BDCi) – A 6 to 8 foot sevengill shark gave 28 year-old Justin Schlaefli a “shark’s tale” he’ll never forget.

According to interviews conducted with Schlaefli, the shark latched onto his calf after first swimming through his legs when the man and his diving acquaintances had just completed some spearfishing off the children’s pool in La Jolla.

The shark didn’t take a serious bite out of Schlaefli’s leg, but did leave bite marks on the young man that are not believed to be serious. Scripps Institute Oceanographer Andy Nosal told Fox 5 San Diego that Sevengill sharks are not known for unprovoked attacks on humans.

Further accounts by Schlaefli suggest that he was carrying some bass he’d caught earlier against his wetsuit which may have gotten this particular shark’s attention.

“If the shark wants a fish, and you have a fish on you, the shark’s going to want to get an easy meal.” explained Nosal.

Lifeguards advise spearfishers to put your catch in a kayak or rowboat, separate from your body to avoid the kind of danger Justin Schlaefli encountered Thursday.

By Don Weinstein

Source: Fox News San Diego

10 June 2011


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