Staying Healthy


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BDCi) — The Monday blues are over and it is take charge Tuesday.  Most people believe in order to get healthy it involves starving oneself, eating nasty foods meant for reptiles to eat, and involves expensive private trainers/gym memberships.  This is all falsehoods and the power lies in a person’s everyday routine and surroundings.

The first step is to put down the box of food and read it.  You may want to sit down for this because it will blow your mind.  Simply look at the serving size to gain a harsh reality on how many calories a person inhails for the slightest amount of food.  An example for all you cheese lovers is a fourth of a cup of shredded cheddar cheese is 110 calories.  It can be disheartening and make a person question how worth it is to consume such a product.  But do not despair for you shall get there.

When asking UC Berkeley fitness staff member Jamari Jackson how many calories is the ultimate target goal, he replied saying, “That depends on a person’s amount of physical activity.  The more active the better and therefore, your calorie intake would be able to go higher.  But an estimated goal is women should intake around 1400 calories per day, while males should reach for around 2000 calories.”

STEP 2 –  is to get moving and this does not require a gym.  When talking to Jackson, his advice was simple, “Take it slow and build up.  Start out with a forty minute walk, three days a week.”  This can be as simple as going around the block several times or to a nearby park.  Another great tip is walk on as much of an incline as you can handle.  Walking up hill makes the body work harder and burn just as many calories as running without the stress on your knees.

Every individual has their battles to stay fit.  But the main components for success is to take it slow and listen to your body.  There is no point in crash dieting and going to the gym hardcore for a week and then never going back because it was too much too fast.  Simple portion reductions and food awareness will alone ajust one’s bad habbits into something positive.

Remember any reduction is better than none at all.  So do not worry about hitting the ideal calorie intake right away.  Make a goal each week and it will feel less painful.  Then adding some simple walks a few times a week will boost your energy and allow for furthering your exercise goals.  Stay strong and always remember if today was a calorie fiesta, one can always start fresh tomorrow and make it happen.


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