Successful Young Brazilian Entrepreneurs in California


Successful Young Brazilian Entrepreneurs in California
SILICON VALLEY (BDCi)–A young Brazilian entrepreneur group is causing quite an impression in the Silicon Valley, Northern California.

In one of its shows, Rede Globo showed how his successful group is innovating the Bay Area with the Brazilian charm.

The show was presented by Elaine Bast and she noted that the future of the computer was being written in Silicon Valley, where it was fairly easy to initiate a start-up, perhaps even in a coffee shop. Offices could be rented by the hour and entrepreneurs were happy to deal with people with ideas but no permanent address. A large warehouse was shown, divided into cubicles for start-up companies.

Among the interviewees were: Reinaldo Normand, from Minas Gerais state, who was already quite well-known as one of the founders of Zeebo, a gaming console aimed at emerging youth markets in Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

Paulo Lerner, from Rio de Janeiro, has created Frugar, a social network for opinions about products.

Isabel Pesces Mattos, from São Paulo, she is CEO and co-creator of Tisk-Task, a system which simplifies and facilitates the sharing and scheduling of tasks within a group or even a family.

A further positive example of Brazilians succeeding in Silicon Valley was Instagram, an app to apply special effects to photographs taken by an iPhone and make them available via a social network.

By Janete Weinstein
Source Jornal da Globo
June 28, 2011
12:24 a.m. PDT


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