Summer Makeup Tips 2012


Summer Makeup Tips 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) Hello Fashionistas! If you are crazy about makeup, you are going to love this little surprise I have for this week’s posting.

We will talk about the right colors to use toward the end of summer, and how to make your makeup stand out in the crowd.
First, be ready to embrace a trend full of bright shades. Colors like, neon and metallic tones are the highlights of this summer, remember that!
As I promised, here’s a little treat for you. I was honored to do a quick interview with the Brazilian makeup expert Katia Freire, that shared some very helpful tips.
Giselle Claudino: Katia, what are the hottest make-up colors for this summer?
Katia Freire: The eye shadows come strong in citric colors like: yellow, orange, green and even crazy tons of blues. Lots of gold is appreciated too.  Metallic tones are strong this season, specially the eye shadows. When you do an evening makeup, you’ve got to use some metallic in it, trust me, it will give your face an amazing and sophisticated look!
Keep in mind that the eye liners are absolutely okay in neon colors (even if you think it might be weird, it’s super okay). For those who want to completely steal the scene (in a good way of course) the cat eye look is the way to go. It’s hot, and sexy. You can achieve a very dramatic look with a big black line in your eyes. All you have to do it to practice till you get it right! See it in one of the photos.
Giselle Claudino: What about the lipsticks or lip glosses for the summer, what’s in?
Katia Freire: Well, there are very specific colors for the lips this summer. Fruity tones like: Peach, guava, orange, strawberry and rose colors are super-hot this season, so, take advantage of it and try out, it’s only for the summer.
Giselle Claudino: Katia, some people wonder if blush is necessary during summer, what do you recommend?

Katia Freire: Blush and

bronzers supposed to be simple and look very natural during day time, and night time you can go a bit stronger. As the season invests in very bright tones in the eye area and lips, just go light on your cheeks. I’d say go with bronzer during the day, to give you a sun kiss, and night time go with a light or dark blend of gold/orange/earth.
The hit of the moment is the Neon- Fluor (fluorescence version of pink, green, yellow and orange) Honestly, they look awesome!!
Giselle Claudino: How about the lashes, how are we supposed to use along with all that?
Katia Freire: Long lashes is always the way to go. It’s gorgeous, classy, elegant, and fierce helping the eyes look even sexier, so, choose a mascara that will give you lots of volume.
Giselle Claudino: Which brands of make-up do you recommend?
Katia Freire: The good thing about America is the easy way to get to good products.
Brands like: Make-up Forever, Kryolan, Mac, Urban Decay are definitely some of my favorites and can easily be found online and in department stores.
For more tips and questions, you can always email Katia at She’ll be happy to guide you.
Well, I hope you like the interview. I found it very helpful to me and I hope to all of you as well.
Now, go on to rock on with your new look after this amazing make-up tips for this summer!
Go Neonnnnnnnn! See you guys next week with more SUMMER FASHION AND BEAUTY TIPS!
By Giselle Claudino
Edited by Janete Weinstein
Photos: Kadu Martins e Lucas Freitas and Google Images.
Photos Makeup by: Katia Freire
September 10, 2012 12:55 p.m.PST

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