The Fringe trend for summer 2012


The Fringe trend for summer 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) — Are you a fashion lover? If you are, you know the fringe trend is here to stay and to embrace it.
This trend is a combination of modern and vintage looks. The inspiration comes from the 1920’s and also from Native Americans roots. During the 20’s, women used to wear fringe evening “flapper” dresses, remember? If you don’t, the style is back, and now it is your chance to get yours and move around like a classy dancer.
I have to say the Native Americans played a big role in the fashion world in regards to the fringe style. Thanks to them, we can seize the chance to have an updated Native inspired look.
If you haven’t noticed lately, the shape of the dresses have gone wild along with the colors this season. They are cropped asymmetrically without a doubt, and FRINGE describes just that. For those of you looking for an edgier and unique style, fringe is the way to go.  I’m talking about long, short, thick, thin, and colorful; in summary all kind of fringes.
It is one of my favorite looks ever!
Yesterday I was doing some research about the trend and decided to go shopping for a fringe dress myself. My first stop was at ZARA, which is one of my favorite stores. I went crazy there with so many great options for fringe shirts and skirts.  Then, I found two unique dresses that I just couldn’t believe how cute they were, gorgeous from head to toe, especially when I moved around in front of the fitting room mirror.
So, fringe fashion seems to be making a big come-back in most of seasons. And as far as I can see, thespring/summer 2012offering is an outstanding place for this trend to pick up again.
My advice: Walk around and try some of the fringe styles on. You can get comfortable with it first and then embrace it and invest. You will find gorgeous pieces such as skirts, shirts, jackets, dresses and much more – I guarantee you!
The secret: Try them on at the stores, but shop online. There are great deals out there with online vendors. You can find the same piece much cheaper there than at the stores.
Remember: Fringe fashion is fabulous so go for it!!

By Giselle Claudino
Edited by Janete Weinstein
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