U.S. Air passengers affected by irritating smell in plane


U.S. Air passengers affected by irritating smell in plane
LOS ANGELES—(BDCi)—The Los Angeles Fire Department responded Friday morning to concerns about a weird smell on an incoming U.S. Airways flight at LAX. Five fire fighters said they did not sense any odor or irritant when they boarded the plane.

According to the airline’s spokesperson, Valerie Wunder, six people were evaluated for minor eye and throat irritation as a result of the mysterious smell, including 4 flight attendants who were sent to the hospital as is the protocol of the airline for these kinds of situations where there are fumes and smoke.

Wunder continued that it was not an emergency landing, and that all 183 passengers and 6 crew members all seemed in good shape.

Reports of what may have caused the health reactions or if all passengers were seated in the same area remains unknown, and the Federal Aviation Administration nor the airline had no further information.

Writer: Shayla Selva
Source: Los Angeles Times
29 July 2011
2:19p.m. P.D.T.


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