West LA VA hospital prepares for homecoming


West LA VA hospital prepares for homecoming
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (BDCi) – West Los Angeles VA Medical Center had 84,000 veterans seek assistance at their facility, a number that should increase as American troops leave Iraq in time for 2012.

The troop withdrawal from Iraq will be complete on Dec. 31. About 1.5 million Americans served in Iraq with more than 30,000 wounded and nearly 4,500 killed.

Along with extra staffing, there is outreach. It is not mandatory for veterans to enroll in the VA system which means many veterans will lose out on benefits.

“When they return they are entitled to five years medical care, eligibility in VA and I think at least a few years of dental care,” says Dr. Dean Norman, Chief of Staff of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.

The VA Medical Center helps returning troops become self sufficient, from assisting in educational needs, mental treatment, income and job relief and stable housing.

The group’s services are available online and by phone at 800-438-3891 or 800-273-TALK.

By: Natania Levine
Courtesy: nbclosangeles.com
Photo: Google Images
15 December 2011
1:47 p.m P.S.T


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