World Cup a problem for President Rousseff


BRASÍLIA (BDCi) – Presidential elections will take place on October 5 in Brazil, less than three months after the end of the 2014 World Cup. But President Dilma Rousseff and her Workers’ Party may find the soccer event and its related issues standing in the way of a re-election.

Rampant anti-World Cup protests and demonstrations against the costs for the tournament have been on the rise and should Brazil perform poorly, locals may feel more tempted to join the movement.

Those protesting are outraged that money is being used to build new stadiums instead of schools and hospitals.

Winning the World Cup could help Brazil and Rousseff’s image temporarily, but Brazilians will soon remember the issues at hand.

Recent opinion polls show that a majority of Brazilians now oppose being the host of the World Cup and that Rousseff’s numbers are dropping, too.

Billions with be watching around the world and any disruption, whether from faulty construction or anti-Cup rallies, could be a potential embarrassment for Rousseff and Brazil.

By: Diego Díaz
Source: Reuters
Photo: The Guardian
27 May 2014
9:00 a.m. P.D.T.